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Whether you live in Toronto, Markham, or a little to the east in Oshawa, you appreciate the beauty and sights of our Greater Toronto area. Waking up on a fresh, warm spring morning in your suburban home or opening up your eclectic coffee shop on Queen St downtown Toronto eventually leads to you enjoying one of everybody's favourite pastimes - enjoying the view. We all love being connected to the outside world. And wow! How much greater the outside world becomes through sparkling clean windows. Let us show you how crystal clear we can make your view.


Window Cleaning

As a home owner in the greater Toronto area, you take pride in your beautiful retreat. That place you and your family call home. Not only do you enjoy watching the birds through your crystal clean windows or the chipmunks as they scatter across your yard, you also care about the impression your home makes on your neighbours and friends. As they drive by or stop in for a visit, you'd love for them to notice your beautiful home and clean windows improve the overall appearance of your entire house. Don't put up with dirty windows. Call us today and we'll dramatically improve your curb appeal.

Residential Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

Operating a business, or managing a commercial property is hard work. It demands your time and it's important you delegate responsibilities well. You also understand how clean windows can have a great effect on how people view your business or property. For this reason, you need to make sure you hire a company to clean your windows that will not demand unnecessary time on your part. You need to trust they'll arrive on time and do the same meticulous job cleaning after cleaning. Call us today and it'll be the last time you need to worry about having clean windows on your commercial property.

Commercial Window Cleaning

House windows after being cleaned in Toronto.Commercial windows after being cleaned in the Toronto area.Commercial windows being cleaned in Toronto, OnCondo windows being cleaned in Toronto, On.
I LOVE my newly cleaned windows! I never knew clean windows would actually make me excited. Michael and Greg came into my home and took care of my home, they were polite and explained everything... I even learned new things about how to take care of my windows. Thank you!

Melissa Haddad, Oshawa, ON 

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Top rated window cleaning company on HomeStars

Top rated Window Cleaning company on HomeStars

(9.2 out of 10 rating)

Michael Polsky owner of M&M Window Cleaners.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction

When we started our family run business 8 years ago, my wife and I set out to make sure every single person that put their trust in us would be truly and deeply impressed by how sparkling clean we could get their windows. While making sure that happened, we learned that a few more things were also important to the complete window cleaning experience. As a result, we’ve added a few perks that truly set us apart.

First, when you call, we promise you’ll get a live person no matter what time of day. No more wondering if your voice mail was heard. We also learned how important it was that we guaranteed our work. With that, our written guarantee was born. If you’re not completely satisfied with both the workmanship you received and the way you’ve been treated by our window cleaning specialists, you won’t pay a cent. No questions asked.

In the end, we think we’ve accomplished more than our original goal. Not only will you be deeply impressed by how clean your windows will be after we leave, we’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with every aspect of your window cleaning service, beginning to end. Call us and allow us to make all of this happen. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We have 24/7 support for all your window cleaning needs.
24/7 Support

Speak to a live person, no matter what time of day. No more voice mails.

All your window cleaning is guaranteed.
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If you're not happy with absolutely every aspect of your experience, you don't pay.

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