Pure Water Window Cleaning adopts ultramodern water-fed pole system to flawlessly clean window screens, frames, and panes. This is an innovative upgrade that has transformed men with dirty rags and squeegees into neat, uniformed men with high-end “ladderless” window cleaning technologies!

At M&M Window Cleaning, our pure water window cleaning technique combines a soft bristle brush, which removes dirt and stubborn smears using purified and ultra-filtered water which leaves your windows squeaky clean and spotless.

What is Pure Water?

Pure water is free from chemicals, soap and impurities of any kind. Water that’s free of impurities cleans more aggressively and perfectly, rinsing away any bond of dirt from the glass at an ionic level. In the presence of ultra-filtered and purified water, cleansing chemicals and detergents are rendered needless because cleaning agents would always do its job – attracting dirt and particulates.

M&M Professional Window Cleaners proudly serves the following areas in Durham Region and Greater Toronto area:

City of Toronto

Durham Region, York Region

Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Courtice, Whitby, Clarington, Bowmanville, Courtice, Newcastle, Vaughan, Etobicoke, East York, York, North York, Downtown Toronto.

If applied unpurified, the water that runs through your tap contains impurities. These impurities which are basically acquired from dissolved minerals, often leave visible smears, spots and streaks on your window. These are added-reasons for our choice of pure water over any other water quality.

Here at M&M Window Cleaning, our hi-tech window cleaning tools are always on-site to cautiously run tap water through a combo of deionizing and ultra-purification filters, separating all impurities and dissolved minerals to provide high quality pure water that give results that are second to none.

Environmental friendly and safety guaranteed

We’ve got the right equipment for the job. We can clean windows without causing any damage on your property. Our window cleaning operations do not pose hazard of any kind, owing to the fact that we do not use ladders, heavy equipment, or toxic cleansing agents.