Whitby Window Cleaning – Regular window cleaning is important for many reasons. In addition to enhancing the curb appeal of your Whitby property, window cleaning adds years to windows and will therefore help the property owner avoid costly repairs or premature replacements.

While many property owners appreciate the importance of clean windows, they might not know when they need to get the job done. Do you, for instance, have to wait until you have clearly visible dirt on the windows before getting the windows cleaned? To make sure that your windows enjoy the full benefits of professional window cleaning it helps to create a cleaning schedule. Below are important factors that a residential property owner will need to take into consideration when creating a schedule.

Number of Residents and Frequency of Visitors

A home that has a single resident who’s at home for a limited number of hours every day will acquire less dirt than, say, a home that houses a couple with several kids and a number of pets. As would be expected, the windows and other areas of the latter home will accumulate dirt in a short time simply because it has more traffic to deal with.

There are also plenty of residential properties which also double as business meeting places. If you are an executive who meets clients on your residence on a regular basis, it is important to remember that the condition of your residence in general and windows in particular play a crucial part in marketing your company and in such a situation your windows will need to be kept in a permanently sparkling condition.  Our Whitby window cleaning experts know exactly what to do.

Availability of Rain

When rain is abundantly available in a region, the need for window cleaning is less than is the case in a region that experiences drought and dusty conditions for long periods of time. Frequent showers are capable of washing dust off windows and simply hosing such windows once in a while might be all that is required. So you would think right. It’s actually the opposite.  Rained on windows will become dirty faster as the rain has dirt in the air to carry to the windows. It also will carry the dirt on the frames above the windows down onto the window. 

Whitby Window cleaning professionals recommend that all residential properties have the windows cleaned twice per year. However, for properties such as seaside homes or homes in drought-stricken areas getting the windows cleaned three or four times a year would be prudent. As a Whitby property owner who cares for the long life of your windows you should consider contacting pros to create a cleaning schedule.

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Careful Service Inside And Out

Your property is in safe hands with our professional cleaners, who will treat your place with the utmost care inside and out. Your building and window exteriors are guaranteed safe from damage, and when we do interior cleaning we know the best steps to fully protect your furniture, carpets, curtains and more, leaving everything just as we found it — except now with sparkling windows.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our loyal customers keep returning not only because of our careful and comprehensive cleaning, but because we offer several guarantees that show why we’re the right choice for the task.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every cleaning project. If you don’t like how a window looks when we’re done, you won’t have to pay anything. We’re sure you’ll love what we do with your windows, but this guarantee gives you complete peace of mind.

Our team of expertly trained cleaners is also insured for up to $5 million liability and compensation and all necessary WSIB coverage, meaning all you need to do is relax and let us work our magic.

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