Ajax Window Cleaning Services – The window cleaning profession has more than its fair share of myths. Mostly peddled by people outside the profession, the myths are quite misleading with the result that they make property owners fail to fully appreciate how important window cleaning is as a property improvement project. So, which are the most misleading myths that need to be debunked?

Window Cleaning Causes Damage

This is a prominent yet very misleading myth. In fact, the reverse of it is true – failing to clean windows on a regular basis is a leading cause of damage. Windows that are ignored for a long time accumulate dirt and grime that becomes harder to remove later. In an attempt to remove dirt that has etched itself onto the glass, it is possible to cause damage especially when inappropriate tools are used – some untrained people might try scraping and this will certainly damage the glass. Cleaning windows regularly helps get rid of grime at an early stage and it is this that ensures the long life of the window. Our Ajax Window Cleaning Services know all the ins and outs.

It’s an Environmental Hazard

People who peddle this myth come from a past when windows were mainly cleaned using detergents that were laced with petrochemicals or other environmentally unfriendly cleaning solutions. The truth however is that today you do not need to use any harsh chemicals to clean windows. Window washing services in Ajax use exactly what’s needed.

For starters, there is a wide variety of readily available cleaning solutions that are completely eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. The only trouble might be knowing where to source such cleaning solutions and this can be a real challenge for people who do not do window cleaning on a regular basis. Engaging the services of an Ajax window cleaning company is one sure way to overcome this problem. Secondly, it is possible to clean windows without employing any detergents and yet achieve great results. This is what happens, for instance, when purified water is used. Modern technologies such as water fed poles have made it possible for AJex window cleaning professionals to use purified water which contains no chemicals to clean high windows without posing any risks to the environment.

Anybody Can Clean Windows

This is a popular myth with DIY diehards who believe they can tackle any kind of task. The truth however is that window cleaning is not as easy as it might at first appear. Effective window cleaning calls for the use of tools that might not be available to everybody. On most properties there are windows that are hard to reach and these require the use of sophisticated equipment which the untrained person might not know how to operate – improper operation of window cleaning tools could damage windows or injure the person performing the task. A case in point would be cleaning windows in a storied building or those that over 50’ high – without proper professional tools you cannot expect to clean such windows effectively. Moreover, window cleaning will be meaningless if it leaves streaks and smears on windows. Only true professionals can guarantee a streak-free clean and the ability to clean hard to reach windows.

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