West Rouge Toronto Ontario

West Rouge, Toronto, Ontario

West Rouge is tucked into the southeast corner of Scarborough, bordered by Lake Ontario, Port Union Road, Highway 401, and Pickering. It’s home to part of the Rouge Park system and Rouge Beach.


  • Family-Friendly: With parks, natural trails, public transit, schools, community centers, and the Port Union library branch, West Rouge is an attractive choice for new and growing families.
  • Waterfront Trail: The expanded Waterfront Trail along the lakeshore is perfect for bikers and joggers.

The Vibe

  • Suburban Lifestyle: West Rouge offers a suburban lifestyle with a cul-de-sac-style layout, focusing on family needs rather than funky, independent shops.


  • Diverse Population: 51.1% of families are couples with children, and there are growing populations of Tamil, Tagalog, and Urdu speakers.
  • Age Distribution: A high proportion of residents are adults between 40 and 64.

In the Area

  • Schools: West Rouge has elementary and middle schools within its borders, and a high school just outside.
  • Community Centre: The West Rouge Community Centre hosts various events and activities.


  • Access: Good access to public transit and highways, with Rouge Hill Go Station connecting various transit lines.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

  • Limited Commercial Centers: Few restaurants and shops, with major commercial centers further away.
  • Nuclear Station View: The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is visible from the lakeshore.


  • Prices: More expensive than other Scarborough areas but reasonable compared to other Toronto neighborhoods.
  • Types: Mostly single detached homes, with some rentals catering to university students.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

  • Port Union Village Common: A park with playgrounds, splash pads, and more.
  • Bikram Yoga Toronto East: The only official Bikram Yoga studio in Scarborough.
  • The Black Dog Pub: A British-style pub with live performances and a garden patio.
  • Rouge Beach: A sandy beach with wetlands, marshes, canoeing, and fishing opportunities.

Demographic Data

  • Housing: 95% own, 5% rent.
  • Children at Home: 37% with kids, 63% without.
  • Income: Average household income of $135,700.
  • Education Levels: 40% university, 35% high school, 25% college.
  • Commute: Various commute times by car and transit, with 43% commuting by car.

West Rouge’s cozy residential vibe, family-friendly amenities, natural beauty, and convenient transportation make it a unique and appealing neighborhood in Toronto. Its combination of suburban living with access to parks, trails, schools, and community centers creates a balanced lifestyle that caters to various needs. The area’s history, development, and current offerings paint a picture of a community that values both nature and urban convenience, making it a desirable place to live.