How Often Should Windows Be Washed?

Window washing is essential to home maintenance, but it cannot be easy to know how often to do it. Different windows need to be washed at different frequencies, and your house’s traffic will also affect how often you’ll need to clean your windows. This post will give you a general guide on how often you should wash your windows – depending on the type of window and the amount of traffic it receives!

The Type of Window

Some types of windows include:

        • Casement windows
        • Double-hung windows
        • Sliding windows
        • Awning windows
        • Hopper windows

You will need a vinegar solution and a soft brush to clean casement windows. You can use a commercial window cleaner or a vinegar solution for double-hung windows.

Sliding windows can be cleaned with a sponge or cloth dampened with soapy water or a vinegar solution. Awning windows should be dusted regularly and cleaned with soapy water or a vinegar solution at least once a year. Hopper windows can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.

The Material the Window Is Made of

Residential and commercial windows are made of different materials, including:

        • Glass
        • Aluminum
        • Vinyl
        • Wood

The lifespan of each type of window will differ based on the material. For example, glass windows will last much longer than vinyl windows. However, all windows will eventually need to be replaced.

How Often Is the Window Used?

Window cleaning services in Toronto generally recommend that commercial buildings have their windows cleaned every two weeks. However, it may need to be done more often if the building is in a high-traffic area or near construction. Homes can typically go longer between cleanings, but if you have pets or small children, you may want to consider doing it every few weeks. Spring and fall are good times to clean your windows.

Weather Conditions

If you live in an area with pollen or other airborne particles, you’ll need to clean your windows more often. If there’s a lot of environmental stuff in the air like if you live next to a field where they’re spraying pesticides, that will build up on your windows.

However, washing your windows every two to three months should be sufficient for most people.

In commercial office spaces, the need for window cleaning services would be even higher as the glass panes tend to get dirty quickly.

So, if you are running a commercial space, it is recommended that you get your windows cleaned at least once a month.

People Falling Sick and Experiencing Asthma Attacks

People often fall sick because of the dirt and grime accumulated on their windows. This can cause several respiratory problems, including asthma attacks. When you notice that your windows are looking dirty, it’s time to give them a good cleaning.

For commercial buildings, employees falling sick due to dirty windows is bad for business. Not only will it result in lost productivity, but it can also lead to lawsuits.

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