How Do You Quote a Window Cleaning Job?

Window cleaning is a necessary service for many businesses and homes. It’s essential to get the price right to make a profit on the job while still providing a fair price for your customers. Here, we will discuss how to quote window cleaning services in Toronto to get the most profit from them.

Know the Square Footage of the Windows You’ll Be Cleaning

Window sizes can vary greatly, so you must know the square footage of each one you’ll be cleaning. This way, you can give an accurate quote to your customers.

Once you calculate the square footage of the windows, you can decide on a price per square foot. Window, you can begin to calculate your price per square foot.

Estimate How Long It Will Take to Clean Them

The cleaning time for windows will depend on various factors like the type of windows, the number of panes, and the level of dirt.

For example, commercial windows will require more cleaning time than residential ones.

You should also consider the weather conditions, which can impact on the cleaning time.

For example, if it rains, you will need to clean the windows more often. It is because the rain can leave water spots on the windows. In addition, if the windows are located in a dusty area, you will need to clean them more often.

Quote a Price Based on Your Estimated Time and Labor Costs

The total cost for window cleaning services in Toronto will include the following:

        • The number of hours it will take to clean all the windows in the home
        • The hourly rate for the window cleaning services
        • The cost of any materials or equipment needed to complete the job
        • The cost of transportation to and from the job site.

If it takes two hours to clean all the windows in a home and the hourly rate for window cleaning services is $50, the cost of the job would be $100.

Add on Any Additional Charges, Like for Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Areas

Hard-to-reach areas like high windows or skylights will usually incur additional charges. Be sure to ask the customer if any areas they would like cleaned might require special attention or be difficult to reach so you can factor that into your quote.

For example, commercial properties like high-rise office buildings will have different window cleaning needs than smaller residential homes. When estimating your price, you’ll need to consider the number of stories, the type of windows, and any special features like security bars or screens.

Factor in the Cost of Supplies and Equipment

Cleaning supplies and equipment include:

        • Ladders
        • Scaffolding
        • Buckets
        • Squeegees
        • Cloths
        • Soap
        • Water

You will also need to factor in the cost of fuel if you are using a truck or van to get to and from the job site. Overhead costs will include things like insurance, licenses, and permits.

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