How Much Do High-Rise Window Cleaners Make in Toronto?

Window cleaning is a challenging and dangerous job. It can also be quite lucrative, depending on the location. If you’re looking to become a high-rise window cleaner in Toronto, you’ll want to know how much money you can expect. This page will look at what window cleaners earn in Toronto and what you need to do to start working in this field!

Height of Building

Commercial properties like office towers can be as tall as 80 stories, while residential ones can top out at around 50. The height of a building affects how much window cleaners can earn. Obviously, the higher the building, the more they’ll get paid.

It is because they are paid per window, and the higher up they go, the more windows there are. Also, working at great heights can be dangerous, so cleaners willing to take on the risk usually get paid more.

The Difficulty of the Job

Window cleaning services in Toronto will charge more for difficult-to-reach windows, such as those on high-rise buildings. The price will also depend on how many window cleaners are needed to complete the job.

For example, a small window cleaning company may charge $200 for one-time cleaning of all the windows on a high-rise building, while a large window cleaning company may charge $600 for the same job.

The price may also differ depending on the time of day or week when the cleaning is requested. For example, window cleaners may charge a premium for weekend or evening appointments.

Experience and Expertise

When you hire an expert window cleaning company in Toronto, you’re not only paying for their time and labor but also their experience and expertise. High-rise window cleaners have the knowledge and skillset required to clean your windows safely and efficiently. They know which cleaning products and methods are best for different types of windows and have the equipment necessary to reach even the most difficult-to-access areas.

In addition, experienced high-rise window cleaners can spot potential problems with your windows, such as cracks or damage, and advise on how to best address them. This can save you money in the long run by preventing minor issues from becoming expensive repairs.

Company Size

Professional window cleaning companies will usually have a larger staff and therefore be able to clean windows faster. It is because of this that they can charge more for their services. The average window cleaning company employs between 10 and 20 people.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions also affect how much money high-rise window cleaners make. If it’s raining or snowing, they won’t be able to work and will have to take the day off. In addition, high winds can make it dangerous to work on tall buildings, so window cleaners may have to wait for the weather to improve before starting their shift.

Because of these weather conditions, most high-rise window cleaners work during the spring and summer.

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